Deleting App Service Plans In Microsoft Azure

Occasionaly due to backend syncronization issues, you may encounter difficulties in removing App Service Plans in Microsoft Azure.

Following are the alternative steps to remove App Service Plans if you have face the issue not being able to delete.

  1. Go to to delete the plan. You will need to sign in.
  2. Click on your subscriptions on the left side of the collapsing menu.
  3. Click on resourcegroups and select Microsoft.Web
  4. Click on serverfarms, you will need to locate your App Service Plan. In this example, it would be “RG-APP-SERVICE-PLAN-01”. Select “RG-APP-SERVICE-PLAN-01”.
  5. Click on the READ/WRITE option. (Located the left of your name.
  6. Click on the Actions (POST,DELETE) on the left pane.
  7. Click the red DELETE button to remove the App Service Plan.
  8. You will be prompted for deletion confirmation. Click on YES.
  9. The App Service Plan will be removed. You will NOT be able to recover deleted App Service Plans.





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